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May 9, 2011

Welcome On Board

Hello everyone, and welcome to My Engineering World!

My name is Christos Samaras; I am a professional Mechanical Engineer (Ph.D.), Software Developer, Researcher, and Founder of this website.

Here, I will try to write about various engineering and programming subjects that attract my interest. I will also provide solutions to various engineering and software problems. Finally, I will offer some freeware tools that I develop (usually in Excel/VBA) and publish other useful stuff (articles, tutorials, presentations, online calculators, links to online resources, etc.).

You can find a complete list of all the published posts on the contents page.

So, I hope to enjoy your stay… 😉


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Christos Samaras

Hi, I am Christos, a Mechanical Engineer by profession (Ph.D.) and a Software Developer by obsession (10+ years of experience)! I founded this site back in 2011 intending to provide solutions to various engineering and programming problems.

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