Three Useful Sites

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June 28, 2011

Last updated: 30/09/2017, 1 min read

Three Useful Sites


We all know that the internet becomes more and more relevant to our lives. During the daily surfing you can find an enormous amount of information, so, I am sure that most of you have some bookmarks with your favorite pages. When it comes to engineering, the next three pages have been quite useful to me, so I am suggesting you take a look and you might find something useful there.


Here are the three websites:
  • The Engineering ToolBox – Basic theory and some useful tools regarding technical applications.
  • Engineers EdgeFree Java applications for many engineering calculations.
  • Red Bag – Free Java applets for mechanical calculations (pressure vessels, piping, etc.).
But, what is your favorite page? 

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Christos Samaras

Hi, I am Christos, a Mechanical Engineer by profession (Ph.D.) and a Software Developer by obsession (10+ years of experience)! I founded this site back in 2011 intending to provide solutions to various engineering and programming problems.

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