Move Files To Subfolders

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August 12, 2012

Move Files To Subfolders

Three days ago, a blog reader asked me to help him with the following problem: He has a significant amount of word files in a folder and he wanted to automatically create subfolders and move a specific amount of files (40) in each subfolder. After finishing the necessary VBA code, I decided to expand the code a little bit and I ended up with a more generic application. So, with this application you can create custom subfolders (with a name you define) that contain a predefined number of files. You can group either files with a specific extension (doc, pdf, xls etc.), or all the files that are contained in the main folder. 

How to use it

The following short videos demonstrate the application in use.

A) Grouping all files in subfolders.
B) Grouping files with a specific extension to subfolders.

Download it from here

This file can be opened with Office 2007 or newer.
Please, remember to enable macros before using it.

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