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September 6, 2012

Since this is my 50th post I decided to make a special offer to some of you. I will try to complete a VBA project for free to some of you that will submit an interesting project. What I mean with the word “interesting”? Well, the requirements below will give you some hints:

  • The project must include VBA. 
  •  Excel projects will be preferred, but, any Office or even AutoCAD related project could be submitted.
  • Projects that are related to some aspect of engineering (not only mechanical) will be preferred.
  • The requirements of each project must not exceed the capabilities of Office/AutoCAD software.
  • You will have to send all the necessary data for project.
  • The code that will be written during the project will be presented to this blog, without any sensitive data.
Each project will be evaluated and rated. Your contribution to this idea will define the number of projects that I will finally complete. So, submit your project to my email [email protected], using as subject VBA Offer. Throw me your challenge and you might be lucky!

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Christos Samaras

Hi, I am Christos, a Mechanical Engineer by profession (Ph.D.) and a Software Developer by obsession (10+ years of experience)! I founded this site back in 2011 intending to provide solutions to various engineering and programming problems.

  • Hi, Saroj,

    What you suggest would make sense on a commercial solution (workbook/add-in).
    At the moment, I have no intention to do it.
    Maybe in the future…

    Best Regards,

  • Your AutoCAD operation thru Excel VBA is really good. Can we merge all the programs like Drawing Lines/Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Dimensions, Texts, Adding blocks, Adding points & patterns with with options of changing color & layer. Also with the same program, it should provide back the length & area of the polylines. This could be very useful for preparing a complete layout.

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