Pipe Size Tables

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October 20, 2012

Pipe Size Tables
When I was working on a refinery project, I had to deal with pipes almost on a daily basis. In many cases I had to recognize a particular tube (diameter, length, schedule material) into an enormous pile of pipes (see picture below). In order to make my life easier I created some tables in Excel with basic information about pipes. Some of them I had always on my pocket.

pile of pipes

In this Excel file I gather some of these tables in order to share them with you. The Excel workbook contains the following sheets:

  1. Pipe Size
  2. 150 lb.
  3. 300 lb.
  4. 600 lb.
  5. 900 lb.
  6. 1500 lb.
  7. 900 lb. RJT
  8. 1500 lb. RJT

Sheets 2 to 8 are look like the picture below, while sheet 1 is similar to the first picture.

pipe dimensions

I hope that these tables will be for you as useful as were for me!

Download it from here

This file can be opened with Office 2003 or newer.

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