2-Years Birthday & Blog Renewal

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May 10, 2013

2-Years Birthday
Blog’s 2-years birthday

Yesterday the blog that you are currently reading accomplished two years of web existence! To tell you the truth, when I started this blog I couldn’t imagine that it will be alive after 2 years. I still remember the first teeny-tiny post that I wrote 2 years ago.

If you ask me what happened within these two years, I could briefly answer you with 5 short sentences:

  • 77 posts (including this one) were written.
  •  Over 38000 people have visited this blog.
  •  The blog pages were read around 82000 times.
  •  The Facebook page was liked by 80 people.
  •  13 people subscribed and 4 followed us on Twitter (Twitter page is quite new).

Blog traffic

Blog Pageviews

From the blog stats, it is quite clear that the blog traffic increased dramatically within the last year. Almost the 30% of the total pageviews comes from two posts – Excel VBA – Read And Write Text Files (20%) and VBA Macro To Open A PDF File (10%) – which were written the previous year. However, the traffic also increased because I started working on this blog more seriously. For example, I am trying to write a new post either once a week or at least 3 times per month.

Blog renewal

Old VS New Layout

In order to celebrate blog’s birthday, I decided to renew its layout. If you have visited the blog in the past you will notice the difference. Just for comparison purposes, I have uploaded the picture above in order to see the differences between the old and the new layout. The new template is much more compact and bright than the old one. The more obvious changes in the layout are:

  • A completely new template (based on brighter colors) was used.
  • Archives and author’s gadget were removed from the sidebar.
  • The social network icons were compacted in one gadget.
  • Floating buttons were removed for faster page loading.
  • A new About This Blog page was added in order to help the new visitors.
  • The old Let’s Work Together page was spit in Hire Me and Μαθήματα Excel page.
  • The files are now uploaded into the public folder of my Dropbox, so there is no limitation to the number of downloads per day.
  • Disqus was set as the new commenting system of the blog. All the old blogger comments were imported to Disqus, so no comment was lost.


First of all, I would like to thank all of YOU for visiting this blog.  

As long as I have free time I will continue to publish new content whenever is possible. Although the last two posts (the one with the books and this one) were somehow different than the typical posts I write, stay tuned because I will publish a new post soon. Last but not least, your opinion; what do you think about the new layout? Is it better than the old one?

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