Small Hydropower Plants – Useful Resources (Files & Links)

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November 18, 2014

Small Hydropower Plants – Useful Resources Files Links


After a long time – three and a half years (!) – I decided to return to the subject of small hydropower plants. This time I tried to collect some useful resources that have helped me in the past during the elaboration of several hydroelectric studies. The files and the links that are given below will help you learn more about the potential and the advantages of small hydropower plants. Moreover, they might be a good starting point for a more thorough investigation of the subject.



The zip file that you will find in the downloads section that follows contains the following PDF files:

  1. Blue Energy For A Green Europe
  2. Brochure On Environmental Integration Of Small Hydropower Plants
  3. Checklist On Small Hydropower
  4. Innovative Aspects Of Small Hydro Development For Rural Development In Latin America
  5. Proposal For A European Strategy Of Research, Development, And Demonstration For Renewable Energy From SHP
  6. Report On Statistics – Overview Of The Last Decade 1990-2001
  7. Reserve Flow – Effects Of Additional Parameters On Depleted Stretch
  8. Reserve Flow – Short Critical Review Of Methods Of Calculation
  9. SHERPA – Small Hydropower Argument Sheets
  10. Small Hydropower – General Framework For Legislation And Authorization Procedures In The EU
  11. Small Hydropower Engineering – A Wide Area Of Innovations For Green Power Generation
  12. Small Hydropower Fact Sheets
  13. Small Hydropower Roadmap
  14. Small Hydropower Situation In New European Member States And Candidate Countries
  15. State Of The Art Of Small Hydropower In EU – 25
  16. Statistical Releases From The Stream Map Project

The files can be also found at ESHA’s site. I just gather them into a single folder and I created a small index file for easy navigation. Note that the “guide on how to develop a small hydropower plant” is NOT included in the zip file, but it can be downloaded from here.


More resources 

Apart from ESHA, more information about small hydropower plants can be found in the following links:

If you have any other useful resource – file or link – to recommend, feel free to leave a comment and I will update this list as soon as possible.




The zip file contains the 16 PDF files that were listed above, plus an index (Excel) file.


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