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01. Solutions Of Colebrook & White Equation
02. Pressure Losses In Piping Systems
03. The Role Of Production Engineer In Small Factories
04. Ιστορία Των Συστημάτων Αναρρόφησης Κενού
05. The Role Of Capacity Factor
06. Κυψέλες Καυσίμου
07. Απάτες Με Θεωρητικό Περιτύλιγμα
08. Emissions Formation In Gas Turbine Combustors
09. Τεχνολογίες Διανεμημένης Παραγωγής Ισχύος
10. Optimal Car Average Speed For Minimum Fuel Consumption
11. Creep Analysis In Turbomachinery
12. Fatigue Analysis In Turbomachinery
13. High-Pressure Turbine: Stress Sources And Cooling
14. Emissions Reduction In Conventional Gas Turbine Combustors
15. Measuring The Pipe Discharge In Laboratory
16. Αιθαλομίχλη Και Καύση Ξύλων/Pellets Για Θέρμανση
17. COPERT Micro: A Tool To Calculate The Vehicle Emissions In Urban Areas
18. Gas Turbine Combustor Concepts For Low Pollutant Emissions
19. Τα Απαιτούμενα Βήματα Για Την Μελέτη Ενός Υδροηλεκτρικού Έργου
20. Select A HVAC System Successfully Based On 8 Key Factors
21. How Software Companies Die?
22. Control Loops Used In HVAC Applications
23. Micro And Macro Modelling Of Cold Start Emissions From Road Traffic: A Case Study In Athens
24. Quantification Of Road Transport Particulate Matter Using Detailed Technology Emission Factors
25. Quantification Of Non-Exhaust Road Transport PM Emissions
26. 9 Differences Between WPF And Windows Forms
27. Human Comfort & HVAC System Operation
28. 5 Common Inefficiencies That Affect HVAC System’s Efficiency
29. Road Transport Emissions Evolution In Urban Areas; The Case Of Thessaloniki, Greece
30. Mesoscale Modeling Of The Impacts Of Congestion And ITS Measures On Vehicle Energy Consumption And Greenhouse Gas Emissions Over Urban Road Networks
31. Microservices – The Ultimate Introduction Guide


Google Apps Script (GAS)

01. How To Create & Use A Custom Function In Google Sheets
02. Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding Functions In Google Sheets
03. Triggers & Events In Google Sheets
04. Creating & Customizing Column Charts In Google Sheets
05. Send Multiple Emails From Google Sheets Using GAS
06. GAS Code To Get Email Information Into Google Sheets
07. Pulling Data From A COVID-19 API Into Google Sheets
08. IP Geolocation In Google Sheets


Freeware Tools

01. Units Converter
02. Open Channel Flow Trapezoidal Section Calculator In Excel
03. 10 + 1 Ways To Find The Friction Factor In Pipes
04. Υπολογισμός Ισχύος Θερμαντικού Σώματος
05. Units Converter Add-In
06. Units Converter – Freeware Program
07. Isometric CAD
08. Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Calculation
09. AutoCAD – Calculate The Total Length Of Lines
10. Open Channel Flow – Rectangular Cross Section
11. Fuel Consumption Calculator
12. AutoCAD – Total Length Of Lines Per Layer
13. Folders, Subfolders & Files
14. Head And Pressure Losses In Pipes
15. Move Files To Subfolders
16. Read MP3 Tags
17. Importing Specific Columns From A Text File
18. Folders, Subfolders & Files – Freeware Program
19. List Of Subs & Functions
20. List All Your VBA Procedures
21. Organize Your Office Files
22. Quick Motor Calculation For Various Applications
23. Quick Back Up Of Your Files
24. Search Your VBA Code (Excel Add-In)
25. Vapor Pressure Calculation
26. External Workbook References (Add-In)
27. AutoCAD VBA Add-In: Calculate Polylines Length & Area
28. Delete Rows Based On ActiveCell’s Value (Excel COM Add-In)
29. Count The Pages, Lines, And Words Of A PDF File Using VBA
30. Photovoltaic System Calculator For Greece
31. Excel & VBA: Download Internet Files Automatically
32. Workbook Index Add-In
33. Counting Existing Blocks In AutoCAD (VBA Add-In)
34. Quick Excel/VBA Functions Help (Add-In)
35. Get Sheets Size – Excel Add-In
36. Pipe Friction Factor – Online Calculator
37. Get External Hyperlinks From A Web page
38. Power – Torque Online Calculator


Office Tips

01. Dependent Lists In Excel
02. Fill The Blank Cells Of A Table
03. Friction Factor Function
04. Resize Pictures During A PowerPoint Presentation
05. Handle Other Applications Through Excel VBA
06. Legend Alignment Within The Plot Area Of A Chart
07. Web Browser In The Spreadsheet
08. Excel VBA – Read And Write Text Files
09. Arrange All The Pictures Of A Presentation
10. VBA Macro To Open A PDF File
11. Export Excel Charts As TIFF images Using Adobe Professional
12. Create Sparklines Automatically
13. Export All Excel Charts To PowerPoint
14. Import & Export CSV Files
15. Export A Large Access Table/Query To Excel
16. VBA Macro To Convert PDF Files Into Different Format
17. Draw A Polyline In AutoCAD Using Excel VBA
18. Export Excel Ranges As PowerPoint Tables
19. Save Web Pages As PDF Files
20. Open PDF File With VBA
21. Excel Macro To List All Computer Software
22. Register & Unregister A DLL File Through VBA
23. Numerical integration In Excel Using The Trapezoidal Rule
24. Numerical Integration Using The Composite Simpson’s Rule
25. Export Chart(s) As TIFF Image(s) Using Adobe Professional XI
26. A Custom Percentile VBA Function
27. Add Description To A Custom VBA Function
28. Custom Elevation Function (VBA & Google API)
29. Custom Trip Distance Function (VBA & Google Directions API)
30. Running MATLAB Functions In Excel Using VBA
31. Read DBF Files Using VBA
32. Retrieve Time From An Internet Server (VBA Function)
33. Running Access Queries From Excel Using VBA
34. Read And Write PDF Forms From Excel (VBA)
35. Draw A 3D Polyline (Pipe-Like) In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
36. Copy Workbook After Save (VBA Event)
37. Retrieve USB Device Information (VBA & WMI)
38. 3 FSO VBA Functions: Determine The Drive, Folder & File Existence (+1 Bonus)
39. Drawing Circles In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
40. Add Text In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
41. Calling A FORTRAN DLL From Excel & VBA
42. PDF Search Through VBA
43. Drawing Points In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
44. Using Windows Environment Variables In VBA
45. Geocoding Using VBA & Google API
46. The Shoelace Algorithm For Calculating Polygon’s Area In Excel
47. Insert Blocks In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
48. Changing Excel Icon & Creating Workbook Shortcut With A Custom Icon
49. Send AutoCAD Commands From Excel & VBA
50. Get Public IP, Local IP & MAC Address Using VBA
51. Website Log-In Automation With VBA
52. Automatically Adjust Secondary Y Axis Scale Through VBA
53. Playing With Photoshop From Excel VBA
54. Get Image Size In Pixels With VBA
55. Reverse Geocoding Using VBA & Google API
56. Open A Password-Protected PDF File With VBA
57. Get Laptop’s Battery Information Through VBA
58. Get & Set The Default Windows Printer With VBA
59. Read The USB Drive Serial Number (VBA & WMI Solution)
60. Add Dimensions In AutoCAD Using Excel & VBA
61. 3 Ways To Hide & Call Hidden Macros In VBA
62. Get Image Size From A URL
63. Call A C# Console App From VBA
64. Face Detection In Excel
65. Extract Chart Data With VBA
66. Add Records Into Existing Access Table From Excel Using VBA


Useful Stuff

01. How To Develop A Small Hydropower Site
02. Three Useful Sites
03. 2 Useful Sites About Biomass & Biogas
04. Renewable Energy Sources In Greece – The Last 20 Years
05. Open A Google Earth File (KMZ) With Google Maps
06. Create A Google Earth File With Google Maps
07. Welding Overview
08. Welding Discontinuities – X-ray Films
09. Pipe Size Tables
10. Daily Schedule Charts
11. Suggested Books
12. Create & Open KML/KMZ Files With Google Maps & Google Earth
13. Calculating Thermochemical Properties Using The 7 Term NASA Polynomials
14. Emissions Estimation From Industrial Gas Turbine Combustors
15. An Introduction To Pressure Vessels (Presentation)
16. Small Hydropower Plants – Useful Resources (Files & Links)
17. How To Get A Free Google API Key


Quick Weekend Tips

01. QWT 1 – Create An Excel Chart With Dynamic Data Range
02. QWT 2 – Get The Unique Values From An Excel List
03. QWT 3 – Export Your Gmail Contacts In Excel
04. QWT 4 – Landscape & Portrait Orientation In The Same Document
05. QWT 5 – Copy The Full Path Of A File/Folder To The Windows Clipboard



01. CodeEval 1 – Predict The Number
02. CodeEval 2 – Mth To The Last Element
03. CodeEval 3 – Reverse And Add


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